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Talenize is a recruitment platform that connects people looking for employees with people looking for jobs. We’re part of the Fusion Recruiting Labs team, a company dedicated to building tools that accelerate hiring and boost recruitment processes.

"Talenize was created with a very simple goal: fix the communication breakdown between candidates and recruiters."

Bruno Stanziale

CEO & President



Founded in 2015, Fusion Recruiting Labs began as a group of recruiters that recognized a huge need in the trucking industry: drivers. Inspired by surging driver shortages, they developed a platform to connect drivers and recruiters through a process they call “the FATj Model” (FATj refers to After proving successful in their ability to connect qualified candidates with trucking companies, they took their expertise to healthcare, becoming a leader in the industry with their distribution site Since then, they’ve expanded to serve other high growth, high turnover markets, leading to the birth of Talenize.