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Dynamic & Active Campaign Management

Static Campaigns Fail

Grow your team and business faster with fully-managed data-driven recruitment campaigns.


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Execute recruitment campaigns with surgical precision

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Speak with new and interested candidates who understand the job they applied for.

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Allocate budget specifically to the geo-targeted market you are looking to hire in.

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Spend less time managing and tweaking job ads, and more time qualifying new leads.

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Understand variations in lead flow compared to regional and national averages to set expectations.

How is Talenize different from other recruitment solutions?

checkmark-07We can adapt to any industry, leveraging near real-time data to create dynamic campaigns.


checkmark-07We only provide your team with active and interested direct leads.

checkmark-07A seamless application experience encourages candidates to fill out short forms and full applications.


checkmark-07We take care of the entire job posting process, from copywriting to monitoring campaign budgets.

“Talenize technology keeps us at the same level as our prospects.”

– Bayada Home Health

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How it works

number-bullets-17Our solution considered the different variables of a job posting in your industry and targets where to find that candidate.


number-bullets-20Even with the competitive job market, we promote your team’s open positions to stay in front of the best talent.

number-bullets-18We execute campaigns with historical data to create realistic estimates for how many leads you should expect.


number-bullets-19Account Managers work with you to develop your recruitment strategy and meet your hiring goals.


Find Candidates on Social Media

Looking for candidates outside of job boards? With Talenize Social Media Lead Generation, we target candidates' news feeds to let them know you are hiring in their area.


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