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Financial Wellness & Employee Retention

Life doesn’t wait two weeks

Employees need a better option than payday loans to meet cash flow needs.


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Give your employees the financial wellness tool they deserve

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Improve employee satisfaction and retention with a unique earned wages access platform.

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Open the door to financial wellness through an on-demand platform that puts employees in charge of their payments.

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Stand out from your competition with benefits that encourage recruitment and retention for your talent.

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8/10 employees recommend businesses with earned wages access programs to their friends.

How is Talenize different?

checkmark-07Our solution is plug and play with most payroll and timekeeping software.


checkmark-07Your employees make the choice if they would like to adopt an earned wages access program, but we believe they will love it.

checkmark-07Your business sets the guardrails for how much employees can or cannot withdraw from their earned wages each week.


checkmark-07Employees never pay over $3 for a withdrawal - which is less than an ATM fee.


78% of US workers live paycheck to paycheck. Your business can help change the standard for an industry.



How it works

number-bullets-17Employees can request access to earned wages when they need to.


number-bullets-20Our solution funds an employees account and is reimbursed through a deduction from their next paycheck.

number-bullets-18Employers are able to offer a unique benefit to their employees.


number-bullets-19Our integration process is plug and play, enabling you to change your workforce within hours.

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